FortiConverter automates firewall migration for ultimate network security

Effortlessly Convert Firewall Configurations with Fortinet FortiConverter 

Streamlining Network Security for Optimal Performance

Fortinet FortiConverter is a free tool that helps simplify and streamline the process of migrating configuration settings from one security device to another. It allows users to easily convert configurations from third-party security devices to Fortinet security solutions. With FortiConverter, users can convert configurations from various vendors such as Cisco, Check Point, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, and more. It supports firewall and VPN configurations, making it an essential tool for network administrators. In addition, the tool provides a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing users to navigate and select the source and destination devices easily.

 It also supports batch conversions, which saves time when converting configurations for multiple devices. FortiConverter Service provides hassle-free migration to help organizations transition from a wide range of legacy firewalls to FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall Migration Service. This automated service uses proven methodologies to convert an existing policy to the appropriate capabilities in the latest FortiGate. All converted configuration files are validated in a lab environment by Fortinet experts. As a result, your team can enjoy a smooth, supported migration experience while eliminating human errors occurring in manual processes. As a result, Protect your organization with the latest FortiOS security technologies, and reduce the business impact.

FortiConverter Service

For FortiGate hardware and virtual appliances, the FortiConverter Service is a one-time migration service. This low-cost, zero-touch service is perfect for businesses that wish to automate their transformation operations. Without an inside specialist, Forti Converter Service provides quick and secure configuration conversion. Companies can easily upload their current firewall configurations via a user-friendly cloud site. Then, convert each file using tried-and-true methods tested in a lab setting. As a result, organizations can lessen the effect on their business by using the Forti Converter Service.

FortiConverter will send a report identifying any problems or faults that need to be fixed as part of the automated conversion process. After that, users can modify the policies as required to ensure they work correctly on the FortiGate platform. Finally, the users can download the revised configuration file for usage on their FortiGate devices when the guidelines have been converted and approved. In addition to streamlining the transfer procedure, Forti Converter offers consumers valuable advantages.

FortiConverter Tool

FortiConverter Tool is suitable for businesses or service providers who are knowledgeable with firewalls and want to give their clients migration services. A service provider can make unlimited configuration conversions over the Forti Converter library of third-party firewalls using the FortiConverter Tool, an annual subscription. Businesses may quickly and safely migrate from various legacy firewalls to FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls with the help of the Forti Converter Service. By utilizing tried-and-true approaches, this automated solution translates an existing policy to the necessary capabilities in the most recent FortiGate.

Network Security

Conventional security measures can’t keep up with the demands of your growing attack surface, which includes multi-cloud networks, remote work, and mobility. By tightly integrating network infrastructure with security architecture, Fortinet Secure Networking overcomes these issues, ensuring your network is secure even as it grows and changes. Fortinet professionals working in a lab setting verify all converted configuration files. Your team can benefit from a seamless migration experience with support while removing human errors that frequently happen in manual operations. The outcome is less business impact, and the most recent FortiOS security technology secures your firm.


Fortinet FortiConverter is a migration tool that helps you convert third-party firewall configuration files to Fortinet FortiOS and FortiGate configuration files. This tool simplifies the migration process and enables you to save time and effort.

Fortinet FortiConverter analyzes the third-party firewall configuration file and translates it into the equivalent FortiGate configuration. The tool will then generate a report detailing any issues arising during the migration process, such as unsupported features.

Fortinet FortiConverter can help you save time and effort during the migration process. The tool automates the translation process, minimizing human error risk. In addition, Fortinet Forti Converter ensures the optimization of migrated configuration for FortiGate devices.

Install Fortinet FortiConverter on Windows or Linux operating systems. The minimum hardware requirements for Fortinet Forti Converter are 2GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores.

Yes, Fortinet FortiConverter is suitable for large-scale migration projects. The tool can handle multiple configuration files simultaneously, making the migration process faster and more efficient. In addition, Fortinet Forti Converter supports a command-line interface (CLI) for batch processing.

Fortinet FortiConverter is user-friendly and intuitive. However, technical knowledge of firewall configuration and Fortinet FortiGate devices is required to use the tool effectively. In addition, Fortinet provides documentation and support to help users throughout the migration process.

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