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Gain network protection with Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner’s Automated and Manual Vulnerability Scanning and Expert Analysis

Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner is a software platform for orchestrating public-cloud security and compliance. It regularly monitors your infrastructure for misconfigurations, enforces security best practices, and automatically corrects infractions before they become concerns. In addition, Barracuda Cloud Scanner scans your security and compliance, allowing your developers to focus on what they do best and create fantastic business apps. The benefits of these features are manifold:

  1. The security feature helps identify vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit, reducing the risk of security breaches.
  2. The compliance feature ensures that businesses meet industry standards and avoid penalties.
  3. The configuration feature ensures that the cloud environment configures correctly, reducing the risk of data exposure.
  4. The best practices feature helps businesses adhere to cloud security best practices, reducing the risk of security incidents.

Get a better understanding of your cloud security:

Your network can evolve quickly in the cloud. That is one of its advantages, but it poses a visibility and management difficulty. With the added complexity of a multi-cloud environment, visualizing your cloud infrastructure, drilling down into detail, gathering resource-level information, and understanding the relationships between those resources and how they affect compliance and security posture becomes extremely difficult.

From a network, application, and access viewpoint, Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner makes it simple to visualize your cloud assets and their interrelationships. Furthermore, they provide you with helpful information in an effortless manner. The Barracuda Cloud Scanner is a powerful tool to help businesses improve their cloud security posture. The device offers several advantages, including time and effort savings, precise and comprehensive results, compliance with industry standards, actionable recommendations, and ease of use. Real-world examples demonstrate the tool’s efficacy in improving cloud security posture. In addition, the device is free and accessible to businesses of all sizes, making it an attractive option for those looking to improve their cloud security. 

Maintain control over configuration drift:

Maintaining the relevant rights and privileges to cloud services across environments can take time and effort when your developers move quickly. Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner will immediately alert, remediate, and present activity reports for that user while quarantining the user or application to prevent additional modifications that harm your security posture whenever resource changes and deviates into non-compliance. Barracuda Cloud Assessment comprehensively analyzes the cloud environment, covering security, compliance, configuration, and best practices. The tool’s security feature scans the environment for vulnerabilities like open ports and weak passwords—the compliance feature checks for violations of industry standards, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. The configuration feature looks for misconfigurations, such as public access to S3 buckets. Finally, the best practices feature checks for adherence to cloud security best practices.

Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner Works

The Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner follows a simple three-step process: registration, scanning, and report generation. After registering for the cloud vulnerability scanning tools, businesses provide access to their cloud environment. Once the device has access to the environment, it begins the scanning process, which can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of the domain. During the scanning process, the tool analyzes the environment for security risks, compliance violations, misconfigurations, and best practices. The device then generates a report summarizing the findings and providing actionable recommendations to improve the environment’s security posture. The tool offers remediation suggestions that are easy to implement, with step-by-step instructions for each request. The agency also prioritizes the recommendations based on the severity of the risk, enabling businesses to focus on the most critical issues first.

Limitations of Barracuda Cloud Assessment

While the Barracuda Cloud Assessment is a powerful tool, it does have limitations. For example, the tool only supports scanning of cloud environments hosted on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Businesses that use other cloud providers may need to use a different tool. Additionally, The cloud security scanner tool does not provide real-time monitoring of the environment, meaning that companies will need to rescan the environment periodically to ensure that it remains secure.

Image showing a tablet and tech icons

Barracuda Cloud Assessment is a cloud-based service that enables organizations to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in their cloud infrastructure.

Barracuda Cloud Assessment scans an organization’s cloud infrastructure, including public cloud accounts, virtual machines, and containers, to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It combines automated scanning and manual analysis to provide accurate and comprehensive results.

Barracuda Cloud Assessment can identify many vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, including weak passwords, open ports, outdated software, and insecure network configurations. It can also identify compliance issues, such as failure to meet industry-specific regulations like HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR.

The duration of a scan with Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner depends on the size and complexity of an organization’s cloud infrastructure. However, most scans typically take several hours to a few days to complete.

Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner provides comprehensive reports that detail the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations identified during the scan. In addition, the reports include prioritized recommendations for remediation and detailed information about each vulnerability or misconfiguration.

Organizations should use Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner regularly to ensure their cloud infrastructure remains secure and compliant. The frequency of scans will depend on factors such as the organization’s size, the complexity of infrastructure, and security requirements.

Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner is explicitly designed for cloud environments and can identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations unique to cloud infrastructure. It also provides comprehensive compliance reporting and prioritized recommendations for remediation.

Yes, Barracuda Cloud Assessment Scanner can integrate with other security tools to provide a more comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture. Integration with SIEM tools, for example, can enable real-time monitoring and alerting of security events.

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