vCheck is a PowerShell HTML framework script that is designed to run as a scheduled activity before you arrive at work, sending you vital information through email directly to your mailbox in a pleasant, easy-to-read style.

This script selects the most important known and possible issues programmed as PowerShell plugins for multiple technologies and reports them all in one place, so all you have to do in the morning is check your email. One of the most important features of this report is that if there is no issue in a specific location, that section will not appear in the email.

For example, if there are no datastores with less than 5% free space (configurable), the disc space section in the virtual infrastructure version of this script will not appear in the email. This ensures that you have only the information you need when you arrive at the office. Although the reporting framework can also be used for auditing scripts, this script should not be confused with an audit script.


If you use vSphere and, in particular, vCenter, you’re certainly familiar with PowerCLI, a collection of PowerShell snap-ins and modules. Because it contains (IMO) the greatest documentation of the different languages and API SDKs, this is my preferred language for interacting with the vSphere/vCenter APIs. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I encourage doing so because it can help you automate many of your repetitious chores with less Flash and right-clicking. Check is one of the most often used PowerCLI tools. It’s a framework for performing a variety of checks on your vSphere infrastructure and evaluating what operational issues are there is something that every Ops team requires.


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