IDERA has released a new free tool, Rapid Database Extractor. It is designed to help you quickly understand SQL Server and Oracle databases from a single interface. Its integrated development environment simplifies exploration and editing of the database content by streamlining and automating common and repetitive tasks, reducing errors and increasing productivity. Free tools allow you to connect to SQL Server and Oracle data sources from a single interface. Register the data source manually or semi-automatically. Sign in to multiple data sources. Drill down to the data source to see the databases registered on each server. 

Drill down into each database to see its objects and explore the structure of individual objects to quickly see the database. Navigate and search objects, create new objects, edit existing objects, execute context-sensitive commands, and search outline views without SQL scripts. Manage database objects such as tables, constraints, indexes, views, procedures, functions, triggers, and packages. Efficiently navigate databases with many objects.

Exploring and manipulating database objects and data:

 Edit the SQL code in an interactive development environment. Choose from a list of context-sensitive suggestions for object and function names and automatically insert SQL statements from your template to eliminate lookups, memories, and inputs. Prevent and fix common errors with SQL code quality flags. Validate SQL syntax and semantics in real time to avoid parser violations and unresolved references. Automatically format the displayed SQL code for easier navigation. Apply custom SQL format profiles and share them for a consistent SQL code layout. View the SQL query execution plan to improve the query.

 Link SQL files to data sources, specify SQL session options and selectively execute SQL statements in an integrated environment to quickly edit database content. View the resulting data in a convenient grid. View logs of all executed SQL query to analyze and document past actions. Save the extracted data in standard file formats (separated TXT, HTML, XML, Excel, and SQL INSERT statements) for later analysis and collaboration.

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