Backing up and recovering Linux Instances, whether on-premises or in the cloud, may be time-consuming, expensive, and need human intervention, all of which wastes an IT administrator’s valuable time. The NEW Veeam Agent for Linux FREE is a straightforward backup agent that ensures the availability of your Linux instances, whether they’re hosted in the cloud or on-premises. Veeam Agent for Linux FREE is a solution that can do image-based backups at the file and volume level from within the guest system. Veeam’s kernel module changed the block tracking (CBT) feature enabling true incremental backup. The best part is that this module is available in source code form.

Optional Backup and Recovery:

Veeam Agent for Linux FREE allows for quick recovery of your Linux instances, resulting in higher uptime. Perform on-premises recoveries from public cloud backups of specific Linux Instances or cloud-based restores of on-premises backups. Veeam Agent for Linux now comes with the following features:

  • source-side encryption: Encrypt your Linux backup data before it leaves the protected computer, ensuring data security in flight and at rest on any backup target.
  • Backup mode for snapshots: Back up important files from any mounted file system.
  • Command line or console UI: Choose between a graphical user interface and a conventional Linux command line (via the veeamconfig command)
  • Veeam Backup & Replication integration: Use Veeam backup repositories as target locations and take advantage of current file-level recovery capabilities.
  • Set up the network: Get network settings from a DHCP server so you can browse to a network share backup.
  • Reboot: Force your Linux cloud Instance, on-premises server, or workstation to reboot.


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