The Varonis Free Ransomware Risk Assessment and DRA reliably pinpoint vulnerabilities and give clear ways to prioritize and resolve critical data security risks and compliance challenges, such as

  • Global access, stale data, and inconsistent permissions
  • Sensitive data such as PII, HIPAA, and PCI was overexposed.
  • Processes for access and authorization that aren’t compliant

 Without taking any risks, you can lower your risk:

  1. Quick and painless:

All of the heavy liftings will be done for you by our skilled team, including setup, configuration, and analysis. You’ll just have to devote a few minutes of your time.

  1. personalized:

Your security evaluation is customized to your needs and specifications, resulting in actionable findings.

  1. Non-obtrusive and inconspicuous:

Varonis monitors millions of events every day for the world’s largest corporations. We will not stifle your system or slow you down.

The activity of the user and the device:

Cloud and on-premise file systems, email, and SharePoint activity are examples of user and device activity. Threat intelligence, Active Directory telemetry, and perimeter telemetry Varonis analyses and monitors user and entity behavior across cloud and on-premise data storage, Active Directory, and perimeter devices to detect potentially malicious behavior. Varonis monitors and informs on behavioral aberrations, emphasizes risk, and identifies insider threats, ransomware, and other dangers.




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